Adele Rehkemper and Cliff Shin


United States of America

MOOD - Museum of Outstanding Design is pleased to present you with the personal design exhibition of esteemed Adele Rehkemper and Cliff Shin.

Adele Rehkemper and Cliff Shin design exhibition at MOOD presents you with 10 award-winning works in Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design, Medical Devices and Medical Equipment Design, Cybernetics, Prosthesis and Implant Design, Baby, Kids' and Children's Products Design, Futuristic Design, Bathroom Furniture and Sanitary Ware Design and Safety Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment Design.

  • Specialization : Kitchenware


Cliff Shin is both an award winning designer and a design educator. Also, he is actively involved in product development where innovation, creativity, and responsibility are needed the most. He focuses on emotions, how users feel, and his design principle is “Last-Long” design. Cliff Shin always keeps in mind and makes constant and consistent efforts in order to achieve last-long design, timeless design. Cliff Shin proposes and speaks about “Security Blanket Theory”, a principle that enables products lasting long.

Adele Rehkemper and Cliff Shin Designs

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