Emad Amin Salameh



MOOD - Museum of Outstanding Design is pleased to present you with the personal design exhibition of esteemed Emad Amin Salameh.

Emad Amin Salameh design exhibition at MOOD presents you with 3 award-winning works in Interior Space and Exhibition Design.

  • Specialization : Interior


Architect Emad Salameh founded SADDA design and build in 2009. Salameh have an experience working with multinational companies in Amman, Saudi Arabia, and New York City. At SADDA, Salameh act as the director for wide range of projects offering architectural and interior design services for residential, retail and office spaces. As well as construction management and branding. SADDA would also provide access to products and materials that would complement the design services provided such as furniture, decorations, home and office accessories. SADDA ensures a smooth and consistent design and build process with illimitable innovation & creativity, that is unique from concept to implementation.

Emad Amin Salameh Designs

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