Lenka Polivkova


Czech Republic

MOOD - Museum of Outstanding Design is pleased to present you with the personal design exhibition of esteemed Lenka Polivkova.

Lenka Polivkova design exhibition at MOOD presents you with 1 award-winning work in Fine Arts and Art Installation Design.

  • Specialization : Fine Art


The originality of the author’s work lies in the connection of modern computer graphics and classical craft - painting. By doing this, she defends the art of human hand, which knows how to keep up in the area of modern art. On big sized canvases, which in the end become also the space of a wall or a building, she works with the space, which she transforms thanks to 3D effects to conceptual and timeless paintings. They are not categorised as a different style, they do not fall prey to modern trends, and they are not a random motive or just a decoration. Each painting has its own environment, for which it was created. But all of them project certain energy, which is uplifting and inspiring for perceptive audience.

Lenka Polivkova Designs

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