Strong Arm Technologies Inc.


United States of America

MOOD - Museum of Outstanding Design is pleased to present you with the personal design exhibition of esteemed Strong Arm Technologies Inc..

Strong Arm Technologies Inc. design exhibition at MOOD presents you with 1 award-winning work in Safety Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment Design.

  • Specialization : Protective Equipment


StrongArm Technologies develops leading ergonomic solutions for injury prevention and peak performance for the industrial workforce. Through innovative design, StrongArm unlocks human potential with a stress on safety, strength and endurance through injury prevention. The founders, sons of fathers who worked strenuous blue collars jobs, are driven to help the tens of millions of people who use their bodies as instruments for productivity daily. StrongArm is joined in the belief that industrial workers make the backbone of our economy, deserve advanced design and technology to empower them for greater safety and performance. These industrial workers are expected to perform with strength, agility, and endurance at the level of professional athletes. For these reasons, we see these workers as Industrial Athletes.

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