Taiki Kato



MOOD - Museum of Outstanding Design is pleased to present you with the personal design exhibition of esteemed Taiki Kato.

Taiki Kato design exhibition at MOOD presents you with 3 award-winning works in Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design.

  • Specialization : Graphic


Taiki Kato believes that the foundation of a design is the attitude one faces toward the design itself, and that a good design is created from that attitude. He feels it’s most important that both function and information coexist in a good design when creating one. Other important factors for him are whether it’s simple and clean, whether the brand concept is expressing its colour and form in the logo, whether the design is conformed with the appropriate size for its use, and lastly, recently whether it is online friendly or not. If there is a need for advertisement, it is important to create a design that will work when the concept is realized onto a sales promotion tool. He and his fellow workers excel in creating a consistent branding and the design system from the core brand identity to PR plans.

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