Taboo Biodegradable Chair

Ji Qi Biodegradable Chair
Ji Qi Biodegradable Chair

Taboo Biodegradable Chair

Fine Art

Inspired by the human female pelvis, the taboo chair is made of a special organic degradable no-fire clay, which is based on the traditional Chinese rammed earth construction concept, using topology optimization algorithms to improve the overall structure to ensure that it can withstand 1000 Nm of downforce while maintaining the bionic structure.The material used in the chair was invented to respond to the current call for energy saving and emission reduction, and can be degraded to organic fertilizer in landfills under suitable conditions.

  • Category : Fine Art Design
  • Designer : Ji Qi
  • Designed For : Ceramics Studio of Nanjing University of the Arts
Ji Qi
Biodegradable Chair
Ji Qi Fine Art

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